Mango Cherry and Cacao Blueberry layered smoothie



So tonight is the Grammy’s and I hope you’re all watching the red carpet like I am!  This was this morning’s smoothie and in anticipation of the Grammy’s, I wanted to make them extra beautiful and decorative.  This was a very thick smoothie because I used a lot of frozen fruit but add as much almond milk or fresh fruit as you desire for a more liquid consistency.

Mango Cherry Layer

Fresh banana

2 Frozen banana

Frozen Mango

5 frozen cherries (or to taste)

Almond milk

Blend everything together, adding almond milk as desired and the different fruits according to taste.  Then pour into cups leaving about 1/2 remaining in the blender.

Cacao Blueberry Layer

Remaining mango cherry smoothie

Frozen blueberry

(more almond milk if necessary)

Cacao powder

Blend everything together with the new ingredients, adding cacao as desired and blueberry according to taste, and more almond milk if needed for consistency.  Then carefully pour over the original layer.


I then topped them all off differently, according to the taste of each recipient.  My brother had his with just raisins; my dad’s had coconut shavings, cacao nibs, and a cherry; and mine had coconut shavings and goji berries (as pictured below counterclockwise).


I hope you all enjoy the Grammy’s or at least are entertained by them; and if you don’t watch them I hope you like this smoothie! As always, be creative and enjoy! 



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