Fig and Strawberry Striped Smoothie



Hey everyone sorry for not posting in so long but I’m back!! My absence was due to the best vacation yet of my life in the Galápagos and then anticipating my remaining college results (which turned out great!).  Anyways, this smoothie is essentially a celebration of the arrival of spring and the end of one of the most stressful periods of my life and my return to my blog! Enjoy!

Bottom Layer:

Mash up strawberries, with some water or agave if necessary.

Fig Layer:



Almond Milk

Blend everything together, adding different ingredients as desired (I used 3 bananas and two figs and lots of almond milk).  Then pour about half into the jars, covering the first layer

Pink Layer

remaining half of fig smoothie


Blend what’s left of the fig smoothie with strawberries! (Fresh or frozen).  I like to leave the stems on because even those greens have nutritional benefit and you can’t really taste it when its blended up anyways.

Then carefully pour this layer on top and top it off with ingredients as desired!


I topped mine off with strawberry and agave! As always, be creative and enjoy! (and I’m excited to have time again to post regularly)




Spring-is-Coming Smoothie


So today was one of the warmest days we’ve had in a while and we had fresh fruit on hand (rather than frozen as usual) so I decided to make a fresh refreshing a bright smoothie in honor of the upcoming weather.  I also sliced fresh fruit and placed it around the glass to not only make the top decorated, but also the sides; verdict: it was really fun, and delicious!

This is another two part smoothie fyi guys 🙂

Pineapple smoothie

lots and lots of pineapple

almond milk

two bananas 


Blend everything together, adding different ingredients as desired.  Then pour half into a large cup or something and use the other half to make the strawberry smoothie

Strawberry smoothie

1/2 of the pineapple smoothie

fresh strawberries (I prefer to leave the stems on since they’re greens with nutritional benefits! but up to you)

Throw in the strawberries to the remaining pineapple smoothie and blend.


Then carefully pour the two smoothie simultaneously or one after the other into cups to achieve the spiral look.

I topped them off with goji berries and a mint leave but use whatever your heart desires!


As always, be creative and enjoy!


Mum’s birthday smoothie — pink fig



Sorry I haven’t posted over the last few days.  The beginning of the week was my mum’s birthday and I made her a simple but refreshing smoothie with some of her favourite flavours.  I hope you enjoy!



Frozen Raspberry

Frozen cherries

frozen pineapple

a couple dried figs

Almond milk

Blend everything together, adding fruit and figs as desired for taste and almond milk for consistency.  Then pour into cups and top as desired!  I topped them off with coconut shavings and a for my mum, a heart shaped banana slice.

As always, be creative and enjoy!


Raw Vegan Ice Cream Cake


So I made this earlier and I’m sorry I didn’t get to post earlier but I have been enjoying it for days and I hope you do too!

First off, line the bottom a cake tin (mine is one that has removable sides)  with parchment paper.

Then for the crust, the ingredients are

Equal parts cashews and pecans

The same amount of mixed dates and figs

Chia seeds (lots and lots!)

Vanilla extract or bean

Cacao powder, to taste

Cinnamon, to taste

Water, as needed

Combine the nuts and dried fruit together first, and add water as needed for a sticky but smooth paste like texture.  Then to that, add vanilla, cinnamon, and cacao powder to taste!

Then spread this crust over the bottom of the tin

For the middle layer, simply slice bananas to cover the entirety as thick as desired.  

Then for the “ice cream” layer, the ingredients are

Frozen banana

Fresh banana

Almond milk or water


Frozen raspberries

Frozen or fresh peaches

Blend everything together, adding almond milk, fruit, and cashews as desired.

Then pour over the other two layers and top with raspberries or whatever desired.

Place in freezer for a couple hours minimum (I left mine for a day before trying).


When ready to eat, remove from freezer and from tin and let sit for at least/around 10 minutes before slicing as it will be hard.

When slicing, be careful it doesn’t crack, but if it does don’t worry, it’ll still taste great!


The cake is beautiful simple and delicious and I hope you enjoy! Below is another picture of one of my partially eaten slices haha sorry.


I hope you give this cake a chance because it is actually VERY simple and quite EASY to make, as well as SUPER DELICIOUS.  

As always, be creative and enjoy and I will try and get more posts in this weekend.

PS I’m going to NYC/brooklyn today so if anyone has any food or thrift shop suggestions, I would love love looove to hear them 🙂

6 Layer Birthday Smoothie


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been ridiculously busy this week.  But on tuesday it was my dad’s 60th birthday!!! Anyways, eh wanted me to make him a smoothie so I made him one with 6 layers (for 60).  It’s relatively straightforward.  I essentially made 6 different smoothies of different colors and slowly layered them but I will broadly post recipes for different colors.

The base for all was banana and almond milk.  Then I added the following flavors to each for different colors

Layer 1


Layer 2


Layer 3

blackberries and blueberries

Layer 4


Layer 5

kale and pineapple

Layer 6

strawberries and raspberries


Simply layer and enjoy! I topped them off chia and cacao nibs attempting to spell out 60.  I wanted to conclude by wishing my dad and happy birthday week because I love him so so much! Everyone else, be creative and enjoy!

Green Tropical Breeze Smoothie


This is one of the other green drinks of my weekend, a tropical smoothie in honor of the lovely weather this weekend.  Enjoy!


Lots of kale

Mix of frozen and a fresh banana

frozen mango

frozen pineapple

almond milk

Simply blend everything together, adding almond milk to adjust consistency and extra fruit to adjust sweetness (or you can use a sweetener if you like but I found it unnecessary).  Then pour into cups and top with desired ingredients, I used coconut shavings, goji berries, and chia seeds.



As always, be creative and enjoy! ( ps I also have a raw chia brownie bite recipe post coming soon)